This is how we do it!

We bring you the latest cleaning tips so that your clean will always impress clients whilst saving you time

Who doesn't feel better coming home to a clean, organized, clutter free home?

Well, it's this exact feeling we want to imprint on our clients every time we have finished a clean.

Preparation is key!

The best way to set yourself up for cleaning success is to ensure your tools and cleaning products are prepped and in position before you start.

Always remember to take off your shoes at the doorway and keep your phone away. 

At every clean please remember to be prepared by doing the following so that your cleaning is fast and efficient:

Do a walk through with the client and understand the clients requests
Switch all main lights on so that you can see your work!
Put all your tools including cloth, scraper, cleaning products in your apron or caddy ready
Keep the vacuum and mop ready at the doorway
Declutter the room and put things away
Pick up throws, towels, mats and now you are ready to start on cleaning the home.
If you find that you have any tips to add to this or find a better way that works for you please share with us by calling our support team with your suggestions; remember we are on hand to support you, even while you are at your clients house

Trust in a system and team that collaborates efficiently to complete cleans efficiently and on time:

Top Down

1. After walk through, clear the bathroom of toiletries and remove floor mats and bins then spray product and line the toilet rim with cleaner, scrub and leave to work (put toilet brush between toilet seat and rim to dry before returning to brush holder)
2. Dust (dry cloth or duster) from above and work your way down (frames, headboard, skirting, behind bed/cupboard if accessible, TV, Telephones)
5. Wipe glass windows/doors Indoors only and quick dry wipe blinds
3. Remove items from the table tops/shelves and wipe down all surfaces make sure you dry wipe (no product) down these items of any dirt - never use product on any musical instruments (piano) just a dry clean cloth to wipe dust.
4. Spot clean chairs and sofas and wipe/vacuum if necessary

5. Vacuum the floor and mop if needed.
6. Clean bins in and out and replace trash bags and take out (ask client where to place)

Call us

call or text us with your questions or if you're unsure how to clean an area! Remember it's best to be sure always.
Ready to take your clean to the next level?

Call us with any questions you have and if you would like more training in any specific area.